Beat the heat! Easy homemade sun creams

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Lavender Farms!

I am totally a summer person..I love the bright sky, the warm breeze and all. But,just like many of you..I hate sun rashes and hate the way my skin behaves in summers. Well, here are two sun creams that are easy to make and I completely loved them. They just made me love summers all over again.

1. Lavender Sun Cream


Cocoa butter half cup (120 ml)

Base lotion 2 tbsp

Lavender essential oil 2 drops

How to make?

Ina glass bowl melt the cocoa butter over double bath i.e by keeping the bowl over a pot of  lightly simmering water. Once it starts melting, take it off the heat and  gradually add the base lotion untill the mixture has thick consistency.  gently fold in the Lavender oil and voila! Your sun cream is ready. Store this in a small screw top jar.

Apply generously on the exposed areas of the skin.

2. Lavender and Camomile after sun lotion


Lavender essential oil 2 drops

Camomile essential oil 2 drops

Base lotion 4 tbsp

How to make?

Mix the oils thoroughly in the base lotion and then store in a screw top jar.

Apply as and when required. This lotion soothes skin and also helps reduce heat rashes and is useful in insect bites.

They worked for me…hope they work fo you too!  Happy summers!


2 thoughts on “Beat the heat! Easy homemade sun creams

    Gwen said:
    July 8, 2010 at 6:17 am

    Thank you for this information Chetali. Could you clarify the base lotion? Do you mean a carrier oil such as coconut oil?

      Dr. Chetali responded:
      July 8, 2010 at 9:19 pm

      hey Gwen,

      A base lotion is an emulsion of oil, water and an emulsifier- a type of wax. The emulsifier keeps the water and oil from separating and protects the oil from going rancid.

      This can be made at home. Choose an oil acording to your skintype.


      About a cup of oil is combined with four tablespoons of emulsifying wax and heated either in a double-boiler or the microwave until the mixture is smooth. Stirring the oil and wax mixture frequently is necessary to ensure an even melt. Warm water is then stirred into the oil and wax until it reaches the desired consistency. Most body lotion is runny, smooth and fairly thin.


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