Skin Care For Fall

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 Mornings are chilly since past few days and leaves are quietly changing their color finally..fall is coming. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, as the magpie in me loves the bright and bold fall colors. But, living in the ‘outer shell’ of a very dry skin also makes me worry about skin dryness that ensues with the chilly, windy fall weather.

Cold and windy weather which begins with fall and peaks with winter, robs our skin and body of moisture. Skin becomes dry, flaky and the buildup of dead cells increases on the superficial layers. Dead skin tends to clog pores and cause acne. The skin on the hands and feet also becomes dry, cracked and chapped. A few the skin care basics during fall are-

  • Not to use bathing products that dry out your skin. Keep your skin well moisturized.
  • Warm massages of coconut, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil are best suited for this season. If some of you have oily skin to start with, then sunflower oil is a good choice as is does not leave the skin feeling oily.
  • Drink plenty of warm water to keep your skin well hydrated.
  • Along with the skin the body requires equal amounts of oleation from within. Our skin just reflects our state from the within. So, include healthy oils like coconut, olive and fats like ghee in your food wherever required.
  • Snack on nuts like almonds, pistachios etc as they are packed with healthy fats.
  • Also, our digestive capacity increases in the autumn season and hence eating right food in the right proportions is very essential to maintain health. 

 Over years I have come to trust my own hands and simple ingredients that I can find in my own kitchen pantry, to brew some easy to make skin care solutions. 

The buildup of dead cells increases in this season, so skin exfoliation or scrubbing is a must. Here are two homemade scrub preparations that are easy to make and give great results.

1.     Almond and Yogurt scrub

1 tbs baking powder

¼ th cup ground almonds

3 tbs Yogurt

1 tsp Lemon juice

 2.     Oatmeal scrub

 2 tbs Oatmeal

2 tbs Brown sugar

2 tbs Aloe vera gel or juice

1 tsp Lemon juice 

Preparation– For both the scrubs

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until creamy. Use immediately. 

Instructions for use-

Wet your face with warm water. Apply the scrub with gentle circular motions. Avoid the eye area and try not to tug the skin. Finally rinse with warm water and pat dry your face. 

These preparations stay good for well up to three days if refrigerated. But since its best to scrub your skin once in seven days, I would advice to make these scrubs fresh when needed. I am all set to have a great time this fall, and hope you people enjoy yourselves too!


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