The Missing Whole

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One of my Teachers Dr Anand Chaudhary posted a news from The Hindu, which covered the attack of  The Federation of Rationalist Associations of India on holistic systems like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and even  Homeopathy, calling them out dated and irrational. This news surely  made many of my simmering thoughts to boil over. 

Since a long time, I have been deeply saddened by the lack of holistic approach in mainstream medicine. When doctors run zillions of tests to diagnose what is wrong with a sick, suffering human or try different medicines on them…isn’t a basic question of how they are feeling well deserved? Has evolution, science and modernization reduced us Humans to an assemble of systems, which are neither connected nor controlled by a superior entity called ‘Mind’?

Highly impersonal and dissociated approach of mainstream medicine leaves their patients feeling demoralized, depressed and dissatisfied. In the frenzy of diagnosis and over diagnosis, the poor individual who needs equal regard for his suffering mind is often ignored. The battle may be have been won on the front of correct diagnosis and testing. However, the front of restoring health and happiness is surely lost.

A whole human who has feelings, deserves much more recognition than the numbers revealed by laboratory tests and diagnostic equipment.  They are no doubt useful, but they are secondary.Holistic sciences like Ayurveda, are ridiculed by so-called scientists and rationalists, who demand evidence for the great principles of body-mind therapies practiced in these highly evolved healing systems. However, many of them need to be reminded that there are many things that have been wrongly interpreted by the Evidence Based Science they are proud of, and many more things still beyond their dogma. Although many aspects of  holistic sciences can be proved by objective experimentation; there are far more aspects of it, which are above objectivity!

When the connection between our mind and body goes missing in many or is denied ..our journey in time will be nothing close to progress. After all, when the sense of whole in us goes missing, there isn’t anything  left behind to call us Human!

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