Are We Breathing?

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Breathing- a process that instills life into our being at birth and continues till we exist! Breathing is not merely a chemical exchange of gases which sustains life, but a powerful link between us and our cosmos.

It is essentially a portal of letting in the flow of energy or ‘Prana’– vital force or cosmic energy from the universe into our body. According to Yoga and Ayurveda, it is Prana which keeps our body and mind alive. Due to its impact on the energy circulation in our body, breathing impacts physical, mental as well as the spiritual aspect of our being. The entire philosophy and technique of ‘Pranayama’ of Hatha Yoga is based on the singular principle of breathing.Pranayama was conceived to cleanse and ensure unimpeded flow of Prana through the fine energy channels of our body and mind and thereby banish any impurities out of our system. (Hatha Yoga Pradeepika)Ancient Yogicphilosophers realized and harnessed the power of Prana– which is an absolute requirement for attaining deep meditative absorption or Samadhi.

Unlike other subconscious processes like beating of our heart, digestion etc., breathing can be consciously controlled or subconsciously continued. Like author Micheal Kay says- it is truly the link between conscious and subconscious aspect of our being.

However, most of us are victims of faulty, improper or rather incomplete breathing. Although a subconscious act, breathing does require a mindful and conscious effort every once in a while to ensure healthy and wholesome breathing.

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