Essentials Of Ayurvedic Healthcare For Winter Season -Part I

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Winter brings in lot of festivities, celebrations and holidays. However, as much as we despise it, the gloomy weather, short dreary days, bitter cold and never ending nights also tag along with this season! Ayurveda believes that our body and mind mirror the changes that manifest in our environment, especially with the change of seasons. Dosha, Dhatu (the seven body tissues), Agni- digestive fire and Bala- strength or stamina undergo cyclical changes throughout the year in response to changing seasons.

Dryness and cold of the winter months cools down the fiery Pitta, but compliments and promotes Vata dosha. Also, Kapha which undergoes a natural surge during spring season starts to accumulate during winter. As the skin pores shut tight due to the cold; our body heat is driven inwards toward the core of our body. This leads to natural augmentation and strengthening of Agni. Hence, our digestive abilities are normally at their zenith during winters. Also, our strength and stamina peak during winter months due to good nourishment and healthy metabolism of the tissues.

Good Agni and Bala are the gifts of winter for those who have followed a wholesome lifestyle during the preceding season. However, for those who suffer from sluggish digestion, imbalance of Vata and Kapha; winter month can mean poor appetite, fatigue, recurrent infections, weak immune system, respiratory disorders, joint pains, fevers, weight gain, depression and an endless list of diseases. According to Ayurveda, a wholesome diet and lifestyle regime is must for every season and especially for the winters. A little extra care given towards health during winters can reflect positively on your health during all the following seasons!

Those who have worked hard all through the year to lose weight need to be extra careful during winters. It’s not just the cakes and cookies of the holidays, but the winter cold which can make you pile on more pounds! Diabetics also need to be on a vigil. Our bloods sugars undergo a natural surge during winters. It is not surprising that most new cases of diabetes get diagnosed during winters! 1

Essential Ayurvedic Diet Winter

Diet Essentials

Selection of diet for winter depends almost entirely on the state of your digestion. Good appetite (not the same as food cravings), regular and smooth bowel movements; blissful sleep, good stamina and lack of any discomfort usually indicates healthy digestion. Whereas, poor appetite, bloating, irregular bowel movements, constipation, excessive sleep, food cravings, depression etc. point towards an imbalanced digestion.

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    Great way to spread the goodness of Ayurveda and educating…..!

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