Essentials of Ayurvedic Healthcare for Winter Season- Part II

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Winter is officially going to begin in just a month from now. This season truly puts our immunity, Imagestrength, patience and perseverance to test! Following some simple tips given in Ayurveda can help you in beating the winter blues. The first article in their series (Essentials of Ayurvedic Healthcare for Winter Season- Part I) explains  diet basics for a healthy winter. This article will walk you through essential lifestyle changes and guidelines on taking Ayurvedic dietary supplements for winter.

Self -Body and foot massage are a very integral part of winter health care in Ayurveda. Warm oil massage like sesame, sunflower, mustard etc, not only helps in combating the cold and dryness of winters, it also helps in boosting circulation and immunity.

Muscle and joint stiffness, aches, soreness and pains that ensue with cold weather are relieved with massage. Ayurvedic classical oil formulations like Mahanarayana Taila, Pinda taila, Dashamoola Taila, Bala Taila etc. are great for relieving various joint pains during winter.

Winter massage is a great way of balancing body weight.

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