Ayurveda For Winter Depression- Part II

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Dull, damp and dreary days are here to stay for quite a while now that Winter Season hasofficially begun! Winter depression is a type of Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) which affects many of us during this season. Whether it is a full blown depression (as a disorder) or occasional bouts of depressed moods; proper care needs to be taken to ensure health and happiness even during these bleakest times of the year. Image

Winter & Cold creates a type of Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) which affects many of us during this season.

Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle is immensely beneficial in Winter Depression. Guidelines for taking best Ayurvedic supplements for keeping depression at bay have been discussed in the article ‘Ayurveda for Winter Depression- Part I’. This article will walk you through some easy to follow and effective Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle for managing winter depression.

Tamasic Foods and Winter Depression
Food has a profound effect on our emotions and overall health of our mind.1 Overeating Tamas dominant foods should be avoided by all body types during winters. Tamasic foods are heavy to digest and have a tendency to cause blockades in body channels. Also, most Tamasic foods are deficient or lacking in life energy or Prana. When eaten excessively, they can make us dull, depressed and sedentary.  Tamasic foods need to be taken in extreme moderation during winters, especially by those who are prone to or already suffering from winter depression.

Examples of Tamasic foods are:

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