From Bad to Worse technology advancement ….

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If you thought, this article was about influence of facebook, twitter, gmail on our lifestyle and kids – well its not !

We can keep those problems for some other day ….It’s much more fundamental than that…FOOD !

If  Israeli can become food surplus using advanced -human safe technologies.. why cant others do the same ?  Greed i guess stops us here…Israel does not have a geography which makes it appear to be best suited for agriculture but still, it has become a major industry with Israel being a net exporter of food as well as a world-leader in agricultural technologies.


Close on the heels of transnational seed company Monsanto abandoning its programme for development of genetically modified (GM) crops in Europe , there are growing calls for the company to do the same in India.

Its decision to withdraw all applications to grow GMO crops in Europe came in the face of strong opposition to the technology that was hurting its commercial interests.

Last July, when Monsanto (MON) withdrew its applications to sell genetically modified biotech seeds in the European Union, the move opened the way for competitors to challenge Monsanto’s market share.

As opposition to genetically modified crops has spread across Europe and the world, leading chemical companies including BASF (BASFY) and DuPont (DD)have turned to mutagenesis—a technique that mimics the sun’s irradiation of plants—to create herbicide-resistant crops. The process, which faces almost no regulation, creates opportunities for companies to grab a bigger share of the $34 billion global commercial seed market. But some scientists say mutant crops are more likely to pose health risks than genetically modified ones.




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