Fast, Good, Cheap – pick any two. Use of Antibiotics and its adverse impact….

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Most people want everything, even medical treatment to be –Fast, Good and Cheap . However, life is not all that fair and offers  only 2 among the 3 choices at times ! 🙂

Personally in my decade worth of clinical experience , i have found  that either , medical treatments or even preventive care is

  1. Fast & Good : This would mean, its not Cheap.
  2. Good & Cheap : This would mean, its not Quick (Fast) results.FastGoodCheap
  3. Fast & Cheap: This would mean , its not Good.


Give it a thought !  🙂

If the above is confusing ,  let me explain the above concepts in the context of certain health issues and the way we deal with them.


Some bothering news that is emerging as scientific study these days are as below –

Early Antibiotic use is linked to childhood obesity- see here for more detailed report. However, its not just that  – frequent use of antibiotics might even reduce the ability of the body to fight various infections on its own. Most doctors ( friends and in the same fraternity of mine ) have confessed to prescribing antibiotics  either due to extreme pressure from parents or patients themselves  or to save their repute.

In India, in particular – patients or their relatives, generally judge a doctor  based on  how many different medications you prescribe and how soon a patient feels better (Fast & Cheap scenario 🙂 ).  So at times, to build a ‘good reputation’ and to play it safe, doctors do not prescribe simple-low grade  and effective medications (Good & Cheap) – that might cure a certain infections over a certain period of time using the body’s immune system as a major player. It’s easier to write down an antibiotic prescription and get the patient well and save their reputation too ( Fast & Good – not really ..let me explain).

Though this achieves the short-term goal,  but the damage this has done to the patient over a longer period of time  is not evident immediately !  . If the person is infected with the same strain next time around, there are high chances that the same level of antibiotics  might not be effective.  Even doctors without much of a due-diligence might prescribe the highest level of  antibiotic .

Most of the traditional medicine/Ayurvedic  doctors knew this but now studies/evidences are emerging out to prove that such rampant use of antibiotics has caused the bacteria to grow stronger and render modern day antibiotics less powerful. The result has been, the emergence of strains of infections including tuberculosis , malaria, pneumonia and various such infections that resist all known classes of drugs. World Health Organisation (WHO) compared Antibiotic resistance to climate change level of threat. See detailed article published recently – here.

This would mean routine surgeries would become high risk, treatment for simple infections and diseases such as cancer and diabetes would be difficult in their current form. Meat ,poultry farming  and Agriculture would also be adversely impacted due to the increased use of antibiotics in animals to promote growth hormones.

Other forms of misuse of antibiotics  include

  • Failure to take the entire prescribed course of the antibiotic
  • Incorrect dosage and administration, or failure to rest for sufficient recovery.
  •  Most of the following do not need antibiotics to be used , unless in acute form – please consult your physician and do not insist on antibiotics.
      • Strep throat
      • Sinus Infection
      • Pneumonia
      • Ear infections
      • Bronchitis
      • Cold and flu

Another interesting news fact  is here  – about anti-bacterial soaps being banned in Minnesota -USA.

Reason , the chemical compound  triclosan found in 75% of these soaps – “disrupt hormones critical for reproduction and development, at least in lab animals, and contribute to the development of resistant bacteria.”

Now this is alarming and possibly provides a strong clue, why sometimes we don’t see or suspect such simple things when cancer and other mysterious infections appear out-of-the-blue !

Going herbal, organic and reducing usage of antibiotics is the way forward !!

Ayurveda and traditional herbal medicines are in synch with nature and are the way to do it !

” Mother Nature never challenges us as most scientists believe -she does warn us though ” .  If we understand the warning and mend our ways.. it works. If we consider it as challenge and try to over come it … we would be surprised !!


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