That Gut Feel ! | How Diet, Lifestyle and good bacteria matters to your health.

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Ever wondered how, in a country like India – we find that – kids who grow up in rural areas or on the streets, seem to have relatively better immunity to some auto-immune diseases compared to others ?  The answer to this might be the exposure and adaptation of our body to microbes. Microbes are predominantly found on our Skin, Gut and oral tracts.

At times, we hear people relying on their intuition or “gut feeling” while making a decision rather than the rational mind to make it .  Apparently, the human gut has a great influence on not only our digestive well being, skin, hair etc but also on the mind –  hence, “gut feeling” matters and makes logical sense 🙂

According to a research study done by Claire Fraser,a renowned scientist in the field of – microbial genomics, the diversity of the gut microbes in Americans is less diverse than that of people in other countries.

What does this mean to us ?

Though this conclusion from the study, seems more like a passing thought – it has a very profound impact on how we are leading our lives- our lifestyles, how we are interacting with nature- our diet. How strong and resilient our human body is to diseases and infections. What a change in our diet and lifestyle can do to your health.

What has caused the american society to have less diverse microbes compared to others – Apparently, the study seems to suggest that- due to  increased use of antibiotics, genetically modified (GM) food, lesser contact with nature and natural foods, consumption of processed food etc. have caused the body to react and store fewer genomes of these microbes. Frequent use of antibiotics , reduced practice of breast feeding have made our body(gut) less immune. The initial few formative weeks/months of the new born rely on the breast milk bacteria to understand and detect the fact that some of these gut bacteria is good for our defense and immunity.

The weakened gut flora system might also be responsible for sudden rashes, eczema (atopic dermatitis), Colon cancer etc., along with usage of steroid fed cow’s milk to mothers (during pregnancy) or breast feeding period. Hence consumption of organic milk, food is very important to prevent such skin issues to new born’s or otherwise.

According to a research study by AmericanGut, even a year on “proper lifestyle and diet ”  has profound effect on what microbes are cultivated in your gut- resulting in improved immune system.

Complete video on the talk by Claire Fraser can be seen here 


Note–  You can join and volunteer on the gut research project -“AmericanGut”  which shows how your gut bacterial flow compares to other participants. The research is based on your diet and lifestyle questionnaire.


2 thoughts on “That Gut Feel ! | How Diet, Lifestyle and good bacteria matters to your health.

    Arpitha said:
    May 2, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    Diet really matters, healthy diet will always put us fit, Diet plan which was give by my dietitian during my pregnancy work very well, this insights will really work in daily life thank you for sharing..

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