3 Simple Exercises for daily – Healthy Living

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3 Simple Exercises for a Healthy Living

We all know and are always inspired to do excercises and cultivate a healthly lifestyle.
However, due to the daily grind and tight schedules in our lives,  the morning rush hour for school,college, office meetings and deadlines – sometimes its hard to make this a regular habit.

Most of us make it a new year resolution and perform it as a daily habit. However, after a few days/weeks, the enthusiasm dies down. We forget or cannot keep up with this plan and eventually, it ends up becoming NEXT new year’s resolution – and the cycle continues 🙂

It’s quite important to form a regular habit of exercising in order to remain healthy and also to heal faster from any eventualities.
Basic exercising is like regular service and maintenance of a car – if not done regularly , the wear and tear – stress of our daily lives will eventually take its toll on our general well being. It becomes hard to manage good health and recovery from illness after the age of 40.
Hence, from a long term perspective of general well being – its important to do regular exercise.
It helps immensely in recovery from simple health issues like weather-depression, cough & cold to  PCOS/PCOD, stomach,acne and stamina issues and for improved brain functions to be more productive in our daily lives.

As a doctor , I generally recommend these basic 5 exercises to my patients based on their lifestyle, prior health history and after careful analysis of their body types. It’s also important to follow a routine for exercising and take care of certain DO’s and Dont’s before and after exercising.

  • Mornings are best for regular exercise, however its ok to do it in the evening time too.
    Generally, preferred timings for these exercises would be between 5 am to 8am (earlier the better) and for evenings between 4pm-6pm.
  • It should not take more than 20-30 mins to complete the entire session.
  • Also, generally, do not eat anything 2 hours prior to exercising and 1 hour post doing the exercises.
  • Find a cool and clam place to do these exercises – roof tops, garden areas, balcony etc are preferred places.
  • Use a yoga mat which is soft yet firm and provides enough grip while exercising without a risk of slipping while performing stretches.
  • Wear loose clothing or yoga pants and round-neck t-shirts. Bare foot is best for performing these simple excercises.

So,  here we go……….

  1. Warm Ups (10 mins)
    – Do simple breathing for 5 mins – with large cycle of inhaling and short cycle of exhaling.
    – Stretching and bending of back to loosen the muscles
    – Side ward bending , forward bending , Neck -Shoulder rotations etc.
  2. Regular Exercises (10 mins)
    – The best would be complete Surya Namaskar poses for a count of 10 -20 based on your stamina and progress.
  3. Cool Down (5 mins)
    Pranayama and shavasana.

Its pretty important to do these exercises for a regular period of 6-8 weeks without fail, for your brain to form it as an habit.
Also to start seeing the benefits of this lifestyle change – it takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks.
So doing this for 6-8 weeks without fail – is pretty important.

Hope this article inspires, enlightens and brings about a positive change in our lives and makes living a great experience.
Happy Diwali /Deepawali to all……


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