From Wheezing to Blissful Breathing with Ayurveda

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Gone are the days when only those with strong family history of asthma would suffer from wheezing i.e. difficult breathing due to constriction of airways. Regardless of economic background, family history, day-care attendance; children especially those below 7-8 years are developing allergic wheezing at an alarming rate.


Bangalore has emerged as the hub of wheezing and childhood asthma with as many as 17, 000 cases being diagnosed every year! Apart from making children miss school very often, childhood wheezing due to allergies and asthma leaves indelible scars on a child’s overall health and well being.

Nebulization, pumps and variety of conventional medications only help in suppression of symptoms and managing emergencies. However, the relief given by such medicines is short lived, not to forget the various side effects on child’s health!

Ayurveda goes beyond suppression of symptoms. It chooses to strengthen the immune and respiratory system of the child, thereby reducing allergies and wheezing. Ayurvedic therapy for childhood wheezing not only gives long lasting relief from symptoms, it also improves child’s quality of life and overall health.

Ayurvedic therapy involves the following steps for helping children with allergies and wheezing:

  1. Supporting digestion: Healthy digestion is the first step towards keeping immune system healthy and allergies away. Hence, supporting a good digestion with Ayurvedic medicines and healthy eating habits is a must.
  2. Modifying diet and lifestyle: It might seem heartless and even barbaric to deprive children of their favorite treats. However, when it comes to health, two words- moderation and prioritizing! Your child’s health is more important than momentary joy of eating. For example, cream biscuits laden with allergenic food colors like tartrazine- yellow-orange color- are notorious in triggering allergies and wheezing. Not to mention chocolates, pastries etc. among the common culprits. Also, generalizing does not often suffice. Each child needs tailor-made Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle modifications based on their individual health needs.
  3. Ayurvedic medications: It is important to know that no two children with wheezing, allergies or asthma will be prescribed same medication when it comes to Ayurveda. Each child will receive tailor-made medication plan that meets their unique health needs. Medications will make sure that there are not sudden attacks of wheezing and all symptoms stay under control. Symptoms will not be suppressed; they will be relieved!
  4. Rejuvenating the immune system: Ayurveda is most popular for its amazing treasure of medicines which strengthen the immune system and health as a whole. Carefully chosen immune modulating Ayurvedic medicines will be given to the child to help fix defects in the immune system. These medicines will help the child’s immune system to stop reacting to common allergens like pollen, dust etc. Also, they will boost overall health of the child and improve their quality of life.


  1. Ayurvedic medicines are bitter in taste. How will my child take them?

Ans: Thankfully, Ayurveda has come a long way from the era of bitter medicines, boiling of barks and bitter remedies. Today, many options are available for palatable Ayurvedic medicines for children.

  1. We have heard that Ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metals and toxic stuff like mercury and lead. How safe are they for children?

Ans: Ayurvedic medicines manufactured by following good standards of manufacturing do not contain toxic heavy metals. To be safe, make sure you always by Ayurvedic medicines from reliable outlets. Always insist on prescription and details of medicines being given to your child. Never buy Ayurvedic medicines which are sold loose, without their commercial packaging intact and without proper labelling.

  1. Can you completely treat Asthma and allergies with Ayurveda?

Ans: Allergies of recent origin can be completely treated with Ayurvedic medicines. Asthma which has developed recently, without family history can be brought well under control. Also, severity of childhood asthma with positive family history can be significantly reduced with Ayurvedic medicines. Most importantly, long term relief without dependency of medications is achieved with Ayurvedic medicines in every case of allergies and asthma.

  1. How long do we need to give Ayurvedic medicines to our child?

Ans: Although this varies from child to child, typical Ayurvedic treatment for allergies and wheezing may last anywhere between six months to one year.

It hurts as a parent to see that we have to keep the child from doing things they love, just so that they don’t come down with a bout of allergy. Time has come to look beyond suppression of symptoms. Because, getting rid of symptoms is not enough! Time has come for parents to choose what is best for their child’s health over what is popular!

No hear say, no shady medicines, no false promises; Ayurveda relies on its rich heritage of unique medicines which have been scientifically proven to be effective in relieving allergies, asthma and wheezing. Choose Ayurveda to help your child stop wheezing, start breathing and live their life to the fullest!



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