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Most of the times – a patient and doctor relationship is very limited to the discussion around the patients current health issues.

Once the issue is resolved, the patient nor the doctor find enough time and inclination in pursuing the discussion and getting meaningful feedback.
This could be primarily due to the doctor not having enough time to spend on the “person” who is no longer a “patient”.
A busy doctor has to deal with a lot of people on any given day.
Also, the relationship aspect becomes difficult to handle as most people are not keen to share details in an ongoing basis as they do not see – it’s necessary.Paitent_Doctor

For a doctor, regular feedback and updates from a patient is very important to monitor and measure the success of his treatment. Also, it provides good insight and information to a doctor  when the patient provides a feedback. It not only feels good for the doctor but also helps in planning and providing good care to other patients with similar issues on : How to approach a new patient and provide better care and cure.

Personally, due to the nature of issues that I encounter especially around PCOD, Weight gain, Skin problems, Pregnancy, Lifestyle and hair care issues etc. in person visit in a clinical setting is indeed easier to cure and handle. Also the amount of time and effort it involves in providing care and on-going monitoring is much more efficient in a clinical setting.

However, with a lot of people approaching for online consultations and advice, providing good care and consultation to patients online via channels like Phone, email, chat and video consultations has become a growing trend. Its easier and convenient for a patient to book an appointment and also consult a doctor due to the advancement of technologies and communication tools. Additionally, the stress and cost related to physical commute to a clinic can be avoided and saves time and money to the patients.
For a doctor, this provides a new challenge as well as opportunities to handle different types of issues and people.

Interestingly, a few of the challenges related to remote patient management and cure can be addressed with good and effective feedback especially if the disease is a long standing one and needs prolonged period of treatment and care.

I have seen this work effectively in my medical practice since a few years now. Most of my patients who have communicated and provided insights into their health and feedback on a regular basis has immensely benefited me in my practice and providing better care to other patients. Also, this benefits the patient on their return visits as I have had their case history details and been in regular touch.

Sharing a few details of some of my recent paitent testimonials below as a sample.
Also, I must congratulate the patients too for their trust in my work, belief that they will get cure  and the disciplined  and persistent approach to dealing with the disease. Their committment and trust in Ayurveda and me, has immensely helped in my practice and passion for medicine !

PS: Patient details will not be disclosed for privacy reasons.

2016-04-02 12_40_17-Pcos consultation

2016-04-02 12_44_47-WeightLoss - Gmail


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