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Launched my Patreon page for specific social initiative … please support ūüôā

Hi ,
My Name is Dr. Chetali Samant and I am practitioner of Ayurveda and Yoga for the last 12+ years.
I am passionate about educating¬†women on managing their health¬†and taking care of women’s health issues like Polysistic Ovary issues like¬†PCOD¬†and¬†PCOS, Thyroid & Weight Gain management and other related health issues.
‚ÄčI believe its important for families ‚Äď women and girls in particular to learn, self-educate and manage their health , which in turn impacts the overall health index of their families, communities and countries.
Self reliance and awareness at basic levels on health management is important in order to achieve success in other spheres of life & social well being eg. Career, Education and overall physical and mental well being .
A women represents a wider audience in the family as she plays the role of Mother, Daughter, Friend, Sister and Wife. The health of the entire family and communities in general depends on how good is the health of a women in our society.

‚ÄčSupporting on¬†Patreon¬†will allow me to spread awareness and provide help on implementing various initiatives. Your contribution will help¬†create educational content¬†for people worldwide, to get access to proper healthcare, generate educational content like getting help with animations for new videos or even assistance with editing the content !
This would be of huge help to make more frequent videos and free up some of my time to do important things like trying be a good Mother ūüôā¬†!

‚ÄčThis will also make me keep generating¬†advertisement free-unbiased content.
In short ‚Äď

  • Help Generate more Content¬†for educating girls and women in general on my website¬†
  • Conduct workshops and yoga sessions¬†for deserving women/girls for managing their health issues across various locations. Cover the cost of conducting such programs.
  • Hold health-check camps¬†at various locations through out India and other places where access to healthcare is limited.

Several great reward levels allow you to tailor your subscription. Choose any one ‚Äď even at $1, so you have access to great information on health related aspects and also serve the above mentioned larger purpose !
If you’d like to go above and beyond to help me do things like travel for an episode, invest in equipment, create animations, help designers to make info graphics (for twitter/instagram/facebook), and pay for deserving poor girls and women’s healthcare …. picking any of the larger support levels will certainly help do these things!

‚ÄčI believe it goes without saying that I would greatly appreciate your financial support. I‚Äôll say it anyways though-Thank you !¬†I greatly appreciate it.
‚ÄčAlso¬†please help spread the word around¬†on this initiative among your family and friends.

‚ÄčThe¬†Patreon¬†model has us place rewards here to entice you to donate, but if we‚Äôre both honest‚Ķ you‚Äôre here because you understand what I‚Äôm trying to do with this, and you think the 100+ hours I put into most videos is worth it!¬† You‚Äôre a fellow thinker and doer.
Warm Regards,
Dr. Chetali Samant

‚ÄčNote :
‚Äď Pledges are per article, Video content.
‚Äď You can cap your monthly amount
‚Äď Thank you so much for stopping by, every little bit helps!





New Ayurveda Wellness Clinic in Bangalore -India !

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Our new wellness clinic (2nd branch in Malleshwaram-Bangalore, India) for various Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga was opened on 15th Aug 2017.  

Following therapies and treatment options are available

  • Online Consultation
  • PCOD / PCOS management
  • Weight Loss, Skin and Hair ¬†loss Issues
  • Detox therapy
  • Allergies and Wheezing
  • Joint Pains
  • Ayurvedic Detox
  • Arthritis Management
  • Psoriasis /Eczema
  • Children’s Health Mgmt
  • Diet and lifestyle plan
  • Panchakarma Treatment
  • Yoga classes for specific disease management
  • Children‚Äôs Counselling
  • Medical Consultations
  • Ayurvedic Beauty therapies

In case of any queries , appointments please contact by phone or filing in details below.



Patient Feedback is so imp …

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Most of the times – a patient and doctor relationship is very limited to the discussion around the patients current health issues.

Once the issue is resolved, the patient nor the doctor find enough time and inclination in pursuing the discussion and getting meaningful feedback.
This could be primarily due to the doctor not having enough time to spend on the “person” who is no longer a “patient”.
A busy doctor has to deal with a lot of people on any given day.
Also, the relationship aspect becomes difficult to handle as most people are not keen to share details in an ongoing basis as they do not see – it’s necessary.Paitent_Doctor

For a doctor, regular feedback and updates from a patient is very important to monitor and measure the success of his treatment. Also, it provides good insight and information to a doctor  when the patient provides a feedback. It not only feels good for the doctor but also helps in planning and providing good care to other patients with similar issues on : How to approach a new patient and provide better care and cure.

Personally, due to the nature of issues that I encounter especially around PCOD, Weight gain, Skin problems, Pregnancy, Lifestyle and hair care issues etc. in person visit in a clinical setting is indeed easier to cure and handle. Also the amount of time and effort it involves in providing care and on-going monitoring is much more efficient in a clinical setting.

However, with a lot of people approaching for online consultations and advice, providing good care and consultation to patients online via channels like Phone, email, chat and video consultations has become a growing trend. Its easier and convenient for a patient to book an appointment and also consult a doctor due to the advancement of technologies and communication tools. Additionally, the stress and cost related to physical commute to a clinic can be avoided and saves time and money to the patients.
For a doctor, this provides a new challenge as well as opportunities to handle different types of issues and people.

Interestingly, a few of the challenges related to remote patient management and cure can be addressed with good and effective feedback especially if the disease is a long standing one and needs prolonged period of treatment and care.

I have seen this work effectively in my medical practice since a few years now. Most of my patients who have communicated and provided insights into their health and feedback on a regular basis has immensely benefited me in my practice and providing better care to other patients. Also, this benefits the patient on their return visits as I have had their case history details and been in regular touch.

Sharing a few details of some of my recent paitent testimonials below as a sample.
Also, I must congratulate the patients too for their trust in my work, belief that they will get cure  and the disciplined  and persistent approach to dealing with the disease. Their committment and trust in Ayurveda and me, has immensely helped in my practice and passion for medicine !

PS: Patient details will not be disclosed for privacy reasons.

2016-04-02 12_40_17-Pcos consultation

2016-04-02 12_44_47-WeightLoss - Gmail

That Gut Feel ! | How Diet, Lifestyle and good bacteria matters to your health.

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Ever wondered how, in a country like India Рwe find that Рkids who grow up in rural areas or on the streets, seem to have relatively better immunity to some auto-immune diseases compared to others ?  The answer to this might be the exposure and adaptation of our body to microbes. Microbes are predominantly found on our Skin, Gut and oral tracts.

At times, we hear people relying on their intuition or “gut feeling” while making a¬†decision¬†rather than the rational mind to make it .¬†¬†Apparently, the human gut has a great influence on not only our digestive well being, skin, hair etc but also on the mind – ¬†hence,¬†“gut feeling” matters and makes logical¬†sense¬†ūüôā

According to a research study done by¬†Claire Fraser,a renowned scientist¬†in the¬†field of ‚Äď microbial genomics, the diversity of the gut microbes¬†in Americans is less diverse than that of people in other countries.

What does this mean to us ?

Though this conclusion from the study, seems more like a passing thought Рit has a very profound impact on how we are leading our lives- our lifestyles, how we are interacting with nature- our diet. How strong and resilient our human body is to diseases and infections. What a change in our diet and lifestyle can do to your health.

What has caused the american society to have less diverse microbes compared to others РApparently, the study seems to suggest that- due to  increased use of antibiotics, genetically modified (GM) food, lesser contact with nature and natural foods, consumption of processed food etc. have caused the body to react and store fewer genomes of these microbes. Frequent use of antibiotics , reduced practice of breast feeding have made our body(gut) less immune. The initial few formative weeks/months of the new born rely on the breast milk bacteria to understand and detect the fact that some of these gut bacteria is good for our defense and immunity.

The weakened gut flora system might also be responsible for sudden rashes,¬†eczema (atopic dermatitis), Colon cancer etc., along with usage of steroid¬†fed cow’s milk to mothers (during pregnancy) or breast feeding period. Hence consumption of organic milk, food is very important to prevent such skin issues to new born’s or otherwise.

According to a research study by AmericanGut, even a year on “proper lifestyle and diet ”¬†¬†has profound effect on what microbes are cultivated in your gut- resulting in improved immune system.

Complete video on the talk by Claire Fraser can be seen here 


Note– ¬†You can join and volunteer¬†on the gut research project -“AmericanGut” ¬†which shows how your gut bacterial flow compares to other participants. The research is based on your diet and lifestyle questionnaire.

Fast, Good, Cheap ‚Äď pick any two. Use of Antibiotics and its adverse impact….

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Most people want everything,¬†even medical treatment to be –Fast, Good¬†and¬†Cheap . However, life is not all that fair and offers ¬†only 2 among the 3 choices at times ! ūüôā

Personally in my decade worth of clinical experience , i have found  that either , medical treatments or even preventive care is

  1. Fast & Good : This would mean, its not Cheap.
  2. Good & Cheap : This would mean, its not Quick (Fast) results.FastGoodCheap
  3. Fast & Cheap: This would mean , its not Good.


Give it a thought ! ¬†ūüôā

If the above is confusing ,  let me explain the above concepts in the context of certain health issues and the way we deal with them.


Some bothering news that is emerging as scientific study these days are as below –

Early Antibiotic use is linked to childhood obesity- see here for more detailed report. However, its not just that  Рfrequent use of antibiotics might even reduce the ability of the body to fight various infections on its own. Most doctors ( friends and in the same fraternity of mine ) have confessed to prescribing antibiotics  either due to extreme pressure from parents or patients themselves  or to save their repute.

In India, in particular – patients or their relatives, generally judge¬†a doctor¬† based on ¬†how many different medications you prescribe and how soon a patient feels better (Fast &¬†Cheap scenario ūüôā ). ¬†So at times, to build a ‘good reputation’ and to play it safe, doctors do not prescribe simple-low grade ¬†and effective medications (Good & Cheap) – that might cure a certain infections¬†over a certain period of time using the body’s immune system as a major player. It’s easier to write down¬†an antibiotic prescription¬†and get the patient well and save their¬†reputation too (¬†Fast & Good –¬†not really ..let me explain).

Though this achieves the short-term goal,  but the damage this has done to the patient over a longer period of time  is not evident immediately !  . If the person is infected with the same strain next time around, there are high chances that the same level of antibiotics  might not be effective.  Even doctors without much of a due-diligence might prescribe the highest level of  antibiotic .

Most of the traditional medicine/Ayurvedic ¬†doctors¬†knew this but now studies/evidences are emerging¬†out to prove that such rampant use of antibiotics has caused the bacteria¬†to grow stronger and render modern day antibiotics less powerful. The result has been, the emergence of strains of infections including tuberculosis ,¬†malaria, pneumonia and various such infections¬†that resist all known classes of drugs. World Health Organisation (WHO) compared¬†Antibiotic resistance to climate change level of threat. See detailed article published recently –¬†here.

This would mean routine surgeries would become high risk, treatment for simple infections and diseases such as cancer and diabetes would be difficult in their current form. Meat ,poultry farming  and Agriculture would also be adversely impacted due to the increased use of antibiotics in animals to promote growth hormones.

Other forms of misuse of antibiotics  include

  • Failure to take the entire prescribed course of the antibiotic
  • Incorrect dosage and administration, or failure to rest for sufficient recovery.
  • ¬†Most of the following do not need antibiotics to be used , unless in acute form – please consult your physician and do not insist on antibiotics.
      • Strep throat
      • Sinus Infection
      • Pneumonia
      • Ear infections
      • Bronchitis
      • Cold and flu

Another interesting news fact  is here  Рabout anti-bacterial soaps being banned in Minnesota -USA.

Reason , the chemical compound¬† triclosan found in 75% of these soaps –¬†“disrupt hormones critical for reproduction and development, at least in lab animals, and contribute to the development of resistant bacteria.”

Now this is alarming and possibly provides a strong clue, why sometimes we don’t see or suspect such simple things when cancer and other mysterious infections appear out-of-the-blue !

Going herbal, organic and reducing usage of antibiotics is the way forward !!

Ayurveda and traditional herbal medicines are in synch with nature and are the way to do it !

” Mother Nature never challenges us as most scientists believe¬†-she does warn us though ” . ¬†If we understand the warning and mend our ways.. it works. If we consider it as challenge and try to over come it … we would be surprised !!

Dealing with Eczema : Part 2

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Our body is  ingeniously designed to identify disease processes taking place within. No disease is silent. There are always signs and indications. They may be subtle, but nevertheless they are always there! Eczema is one of those hard to miss indications given by our body. It is an indication that something within your body is not quiet right . It is not a disease in itself, but a reflection of the inner state of your body, especially your gut. The inflammation that ensues within our gut, if not contained in time creates this massive malfunction of immune system- the eczema!

Understanding how eczema develops is the key to understanding how to get rid of it! ¬†There are a lot of incidents/cases wherein a person on steroid seems to have got temporary relief with steroids, but after reducing or stopping the usage of such creams, the eczema flared up pretty quickly and with much more intensity than before. Hence, its important ¬†to understand that –Eczema has no quick fix. It has to be dealt by attacking the root cause of the problem!!¬†

Continuing the blog on¬†‘Dealing with Eczema :Part 1’¬†, let us look at some of the key factors that influence eczema and ways to deal with it.

Here are some factors which help in holistic management of Eczema:

1. Weather:  Dry and cold weather usually aggravates eczema. However, hot and humid does not help either. Also, it is not something that you can change much. However, taking care of your skin helps. Make sure your skin remains moisturized and does not go dry. Drink plenty of warm water and fluid to keep your skin well hydrated. Organic cold pressed Coconut Oil, cocoa butter etc. are great for moisturizing the skin. They have natural anti-inflammatory qualities and help in healing the skin.

PS: DO NOT use¬†Paraben¬†based moisturizers and cosmetics – even when you don’t have eczema. Unless your doctor is able to identify and recommend a natural and safe option, it might take a bit of¬†‘trial and elimination’¬†approach to identifying a moisturizer that suits your skin. Make sure to read the ingredients label before you buy and try.¬†Buy Organic products where possible !

2.¬†Body Type¬†:¬†In Ayurveda, the¬†body and mind¬†of an individual are looked at holistically rather than as 2 separate entities. These two together form the ‘Personality’ of an individual. Profiling of an individual’s personality is known as Prakriti. ¬† Prakriti means ‚Äúnature‚ÄĚ in¬†Sanskrit. However, when referring to a human body, Prakriti would mean, the unique physical and psychological nature of an individual.

Based of your body type the symptoms /signs and the therapy of eczema varies. For examples

  • Vata– Dryness, cracked skin, thin fragile skin
  • Pitta- Redness along with dry skin, burning sensation
  • Kapha- Water or pus discharge, intense itching, thickened skin patches


Each person has a unique Dosha dominance which warrants unique nutrition, lifestyle and therapy. Identifying your Dosha enables you and your doctor to determine suitable diet, exercise and lifestyle for controlling eczema.

3. Food : ¬†As Hippocrates said “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food“. Nothing is more true than this !! There is Indian proverb which goes like – ‘One who knows to control his¬†tongue¬†knows no enemy and one who knows to control his food¬†knows no disease’!¬†Similar saying goes in the bible too –¬†Proverbs 15:2

Food is THE important factor in controlling eczema.  Knowing WHAT to eat, HOW to eat and WHEN to eat Рis the key to manage eczema.

Going Alkaline:

Most disease states cannot exist when the body’s pH is alkaline.¬† Imbalances like eczema stem from acidic pH inside our body. Here are some tips for balacing your body pH:

  • Choose only organic foods that are GMO-free to avoid pesticides, chemicals and other contaminantsFood-Alkaline_Nature-ph
  • Eat alkaline foods like most fruits and vegetables. They sustain the body’s pH on a daily basis.
  • Reduce all kinds of meats and refined sugars and flours. ¬†These foods contribute to an acidic state.
  • Combine highly alkaline foods in a meal with foods that are acidic to create better balance and maintain alkaline pH.
  • Drink one or two glasses of organic apple cider vinegar and water daily. Mix one to two tablespoons of vinegar in eight ounces of water.
  • Make a pH drink by combining two tablespoons lemon or lime juice with half a teaspoon of baking soda. After foaming has subsided, add 8-12 ounces of water and drink immediately.
  • Consume foods high in potassium like lemons, bananas etc.
  • Drink lots of warm water daily to flush the system of waste. Drink based on your body needs. identify when you are thirsty and consume water accordingly. Here are some tips regarding drinking water¬†

4. Medicine :  Food can be medicine as described above. However, its a long term and slow process. It can help you regain good health and maintain it. If the body is currently, not in state to absorb the nutrients from food , control damage and recover Рthen it needs additional help in the form of medication.  Medicine and food need to focus on arresting the damage and start the recovery process. PS:   Corticosteroids  are good at suppressing Eczema in short term Рhowever the damage steroidal creams cause are HUGE. The real cause of eczema is NOT addressed by Steroids and creams. There are enough references in medical world and on the internet on HOW damaging steroids have been to the body. Perhaps more than GMO foods !

5. ¬†Yoga & Lifestyle :¬†Modifying Lifestyle based on your cultural and ethnic background, Body Type, Dosha’s ¬†and living conditions and Nature of Work/Work-Place etc. helps. ¬† ¬†Practicing Yoga which compliments your nature of complaints and body type also helps in reducing severity of eczema and in healing.

Note- Eczema behaves differently from person to person. Hence, healing eczema is different for different people.Each one requires a detailed analysis of past medical history, current medical conditions etc. Ayurveda treats every individual as unique. hence, therapy of eczema varies. Please consult your Ayurvedic physician before opting for any Ayurvedic therapy.

Dealing with Eczema : Part 1

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Suddenly, there seems to be an increased trend in the kind of complaints related to skin rashes


being¬†reported among my patient group. However, not all ‚Äėskin rashes‚Äô are just rashes but have a deeper connection to other problems!

The sad part about skin related issues is that ‚Äď it‚Äôs not only physical but has a psychological impact on a person‚Äôs confidence and personality. This makes the cure and treatment very challenging and needs a holistic approach.

On further investigations and tests, I am finding that – for most, it‚Äôs not just really ‘rashes’ but a deeper form of other skin related chronic inflammation of the skin such as Eczema, Psoriasis or Pityriasis rosea.

For humans, Skin is the largest organ. The skin has multiple layers of tissues and protects the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Due to its interface with the environment, skin plays a key role in protecting the body against infectious diseases and germs.

Currently, I am focusing on dealing with Eczema in particular, as I have been receiving a lot of requests to write about it from my patients.

The term eczema is broadly used for a range of skin conditions. These include skin rashes that are characterized by one or more of these symptoms – redness, skin edema (swelling), itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding. Areas of temporary skin discoloration may appear and are sometimes due to healed injuries.
Eczema among children and adults has totally different reasons and approach to cure. Will write about these in detail in my next series of this blog. Currently, focussing on causes of eczema among adults and its cure.

Causes of Eczema is more than skin deep! ‚Äď According to Ayurveda and other forms of healing, Some key things to note about Eczema ‚Äď
There are a lot of different forms of Eczema and the cure for each is different from another. Hence, dealing with eczema requires constant monitoring and support from a trained physician.

Eczema is usually non-infections and does not spread from one person to another. It‚Äôs a ‚Äėauto-immune‚Äô disease and hence people staying or working with an infected person are relatively safe from getting infected due to contact with the affected person.

I am a firm believer that Eczema could be thought of as ‚Äúweak skin‚ÄĚ and is similar to a ‚Äúleaky gut‚ÄĚ. In fact, because of the similar roles of the skin and the gut to act as a WALL ‚Äď protecting the body against attacks, it is no surprise that eczema is also associated with a leaky gut. It is still unknown whether a leaky gut contributes to the development of eczema ‚Äď however as per Ayurveda it is. Hence, the first step of treatment of Eczema focuses on gut cleansing.

Treatment of Eczema needs a holistic approach than just treating a specific part of the body-Skin .Eczema_Plan

The treatment area of Eczema can be divided into 4 parts РLifestyle modification, Yoga, Diet and Medicine(Ayurveda). Among these categories of focus РLifestyle modification and Diet play a prominent part  over the other two Рcontrary to the popular belief that eczema can be treated with just medication alone.

This is probably the reason why modern medicine is yet to find a cure for eczema and related diseases.

In the next of this series, will detail out more about the typical eczema cases i have dealt with,  holistic cure approach and other details.