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Tough Questions on Weight Loss Answered! How long Does it take to Loose Weight with Yoga and Ayurveda?

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Losing weight is one of most sought after health fix. Be it PCOS, thyroid imbalance, type 2Related image diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis or myriad of other illnesses- weight loss may be your best shot at getting healthier. Easier said than done, as weight loss is not easy in any of these illnesses. Yoga and Ayurveda have emerged as the go-to solution for weight loss, especially in these challenging disorders. However, we all should know that there is so much more to Ayurveda and Yoga than just weight loss benefits.

The most common question that clients ask is ” how long will it take me to lose weight if I start Yoga and Ayurveda?”. Tough to answer I would say. Weight loss depends upon : Image result for weight loss scale clipart

  • Your body type- For example, people with Vata and Pitta body type lose weight much faster than Kapha Body type
  • Nature, severity  and chronicity of your health problem
  • Diet and lifestyle changes- Weight loss is much faster when you opt for healthier diet and lifestyle that complements your body type and Yoga routine.

How soon does the weight loss start after adopting Yoga and Ayurveda ?

If your weight loss plan is designed  with the above three factors at its helm, weight loss should start within the first two weeks. However, some of you may still need support of  additional Ayurvedic medicines, if your health issues are severe and chronic.

What is a good rate of weight loss?

As we are  discussing Yoga, Ayurveda and healthy weight loss options, realistic goal should be losing 2 kg per month. Weight loss may be much higher (3-4 kg/month) for some of you, however on an average 2 kg/month is much tangible goal for most.

How soon can I reach my weight loss target with Yoga, Ayurveda and diet?

This is tricky as it depends on how much weight you need to shed. For a target of 10 kg weight loss, 6-7 months should be a realistic time span, provided you are focused and committed to the plan. Non-gimmicky weight loss, especially with Yoga and Ayurveda, takes time, commitment and patience both on part of the client and physician.

Will I gain back the weight if I stop Ayurvedic medicines and Yoga? Related image

Your weight loss journey with Yoga and Ayurveda is also a learning process. During your weight loss process, you will learn exactly what works and does not.  It will enable you to make smarter decisions and better choices when it comes to your health. This is what will help you to keep the weight off.

Also, as Ayurvedic medicines (which are prescribed correctly) create permanent changes in your metabolism, weight loss should continue even after completing the course of medicines.

Yoga practice should never be stopped. Ideally, Yoga practice should be done at least 4 consecutive days of the week for a minimum of 45 minutes post weight loss . Remember that weight can pile on very quickly if your diet and lifestyle choices are poor.

What Ayurvedic Medicines can I take for Weight loss?

Ayurvedic medicines and supplements that can be taken for weight loss are Neem, Triphala, Aloe vera juice, Varanadi kashaya, Garcinia cambogia etc. Note that the exact dosage and duration of medications has to be decided by an Ayurvedic physician before you start any Ayurvedic supplements. Also, a full body check up- including markers for kidney, liver, cardiac disorders, hormone profiles, vitamin levels etc. are a must before starting any weight loss plan.


Time for New Year Resolutions – Give your PCOD/PCOS Management a New Start with Ayurveda

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Yet another year is almost coming to an end. It’s time again to form practical, critical and essential New Year resolutions. Especially if you are suffering from PCOD/PCOS, your new year resolution should be on the lines of -putting an end to the suffering (either due to inaction or wrong treatment decisions) and actively managing your life and health with Ayurveda!Image result for new year resolution

I meet, see, observe and help a lot of women and my patients with PCOS. Complicated nature of PCOS, amount of time, patience and efforts it takes to bring it under control, often leads to quitting or avoidance!

Women suffer by surrendering their fate to PCOS, rather than managing it successfully with Ayurveda. Resorting to oral contraceptive pills, discontinuing Ayurvedic medicines and therapies as they do not give instant results, non-commitment to diet and lifestyle changes are the common issues that I see in my practice.

A lot of women with PCOS contact me regarding Ayurvedic management of PCOS. Very few get on board actively when I explain them the simple, yet effort-intensive nature of the Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS.

Ayurvedic PCOS management is thorough, as it involves modifications in diet and lifestyle based on every woman’s unique body type (that is assessed individually). It does require efforts and commitment both on part of the patient as well as the Ayurvedic practitioner. Importance of such diet and lifestyle modification is for achieving:

  • Long lasting effects in PCOS management
  • Improved quality of life
  • Sustained weight loss
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Good psychological welbeing
  • Prevention of complications (Diabetes, heart diseases, infertility etc.)

Ayurvedic management of PCOS is highly effective and far sighted. It prioritizes the health of women with PCOS and pro-actively protects it for years to come. Ayurveda Image result for new year resolutiondoes not limit itself by only regularizing menstruation. Irregular menses is only the tip of iceberg, compared to the massive hormonal and metabolic imbalance of PCOS. Also, Ayurvedic medicines and therapies are safe. They do not come with serious side effects like lowered fertility, obesity, deep vein thrombosis etc. which are commonly experienced with contemporary medicines. All that Ayurveda needs is a determined patient, positive mind-set and a commitment to get healthy! Ayurveda is what PCOS requires!

As this year ends, do not put your PCOS issues on the back burner. PCOS issues are not the ones which will resolve with time- they only get complicated! Do not suppress the symptoms of PCOS with easy medications- they will come back with 10 times the severity!

Take an early New Year resolution, move a step ahead from being a defeated thinker to a successful doer! Manage you PCOS with Ayurveda – Stop suffering and start living – not just for next year, but for years to come!