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World Coconut Day! Is Coconut oil pure poison?

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Hamlet or not, to be or not to be – will always be the question especially in the field of food and nutrition!

The frequency at which radically opposite verdicts get slapped on to foods is ridiculous. Coconut oil has been at the receiving end of nutritional debate for over a decade. The latest of them is coconut oil being labelled as ‘pure poison’ by Harvard professor Karin Michels. This might be just another scientific debate for some, but for common people, who read such information, process it and implement it in their lives; these debates mean utter chaos and confusion!

Based on this latest controversy, should we continue using coconut oil or ban it for being a ‘pure poison’?

Coconut oil
Pure home made coconut oil

As a native of Goa- on the West Coast of India, coconut oil is neither treated as a food ingredient nor as a superfood; rather a way of life!  Many households, including my parents make a fresh batch every year using coconuts from our own orchard. Coconut oil to us is liquid gold!

Following the law of nature, basic instincts guided early humans to adopt foods which are native to their regions as staple foods. Coconut thrives in coastal weather. Naturally it is an integral part of coastal cuisine. It is not just Goa and coastal India which loves coconut; entire South Indian cuisine celebrates coconut! Coconut is loved dearly by households in this part of world not just for its rich nutty flavour but also its unique ability to sustain health in tropical climate.

Coconut may suit climate in our part of world. However, can we generalize it to rest of the world? Foods behave differently in different climates. Same foods growing in different parts of world can have different nutritional profile and hence different effect on health. Ayurveda upholds this principle by describing qualities of foods growing in different regions. In regions where coconut is not native, its impact on health may vary!

Coconut oil in moderation helps maintain health, boosts immune system, improves metabolism, helps weight loss and so on. Overdoing coconut oil on the pretext of it being healthy is what we should avoid. Any oil is bad for us when we overdo it-including olive oil- which is currently riding its glory wave!

Food fanaticism of insisting on labelling foods as superfood or ‘pure poison’ is not only unhealthy; it is misleading! Too much of anything is definitely bad. Hence, overeating any food –superfood or not – is unhealthy.

Moderation is the magic word! Eating every food ingredient in moderation allows our body to process it correctly. Be it any food group, use it in moderation. There is no magic food which can dramatically change our health overnight!

Constant barrage of information on the internet and social media platform is creating unnecessary anxiety when it comes to food and health. We need to rely more on our instincts and less on hyped up nutrition breaking news to decide on what is good or bad for us. As Ayurveda says, focus inwards; observe your digestion, your emotional and mental wellbeing, assess how you feel after eating any food to know whether it suits you or not!



New Ayurveda Wellness Clinic in Bangalore -India !

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Our new wellness clinic (2nd branch in Malleshwaram-Bangalore, India) for various Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga was opened on 15th Aug 2017.  

Following therapies and treatment options are available

  • Online Consultation
  • PCOD / PCOS management
  • Weight Loss, Skin and Hair  loss Issues
  • Detox therapy
  • Allergies and Wheezing
  • Joint Pains
  • Ayurvedic Detox
  • Arthritis Management
  • Psoriasis /Eczema
  • Children’s Health Mgmt
  • Diet and lifestyle plan
  • Panchakarma Treatment
  • Yoga classes for specific disease management
  • Children’s Counselling
  • Medical Consultations
  • Ayurvedic Beauty therapies

In case of any queries , appointments please contact by phone or filing in details below.



Wedding Bridal MakeUp or MakeOver ?

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Ok, lets start with a quick trivia – What is the difference between the term Marriage and Wedding ?
Wedding is the ceremony to get into a relationship called Marriage 🙂
Therefore inviting people by writing “You are invited to my wedding.” is correct rather than saying “You are invited to my marriage”.

Every young girl dreams of getting married to her prince charming some day in a fairy tale Indian-weddingmanner. Weddings in any culture are a big moment for any girl or groom for that matter.

Girls from the subcontinent like India, Pakistan, Middle East Asia (UAE, Dubai) etc. have a long drawn tradition of preparing for the wedding-months in advance.
These days Bollywood style weddings are quite a rage in India and with Indians settled abroad in US, UK and other parts of the world.

Most often the preparation involves Guest list planning, Venue Selection, Wedding Jewelry,Clothing, Food, logistics and following the traditional rituals during the wedding ceremony.
On a personal front though, the bride and the groom focus on enhancing their appearance only at the last moment.
This typically involves, hiring a bridal makeup artist or specialist to do makeup during engagement and wedding events.
There are very few who really focus on wedding “make over”.

Most of my clients are confused between MakeUp and MakeOver especially for such a big event in their life called Wedding.

In order to appear “your Best” during the wedding period, its not only important to focus on Makeup, Jewelry, Clothing aspects but also on enhancing your personality and health.
In order to appear your best during the wedding period, we generally recommend to start the basic preparation of focusing on your health and lifestyle aspects at least 4-6 months in advance. This would involve focus on your diet, daily routine , building stamina and focusing on critical health aspects like managing your periods,PCOD related issues etc., skin care , dental hygiene and hair care. The  most important aspect governing most of these health areas is  Diet and lifestyle modifications.

Consult a good dietitian and make subtle changes in your lifestyle based on your health issues can prepare you for the big day and the life after wedding  🙂